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The Vocal Tract LaTeX Package

Dimitrios Ververidis, Daniel Schneider, and Joachim Köhler

Abstract: VocalTract.sty is a package to visualize the vocal tract. Vocal tract is manipulated by a vector of articulation parameters according to S. Maeda model. Animation can be achieved by providing a sequence of vectors over time, e.g. from Matlab©. An embedded sequence of vectors in the VocalTract.sty for certain German phonemes allows for a sequence of phonemes animation when no vector is available.
Dimitrios Ververidis graduated from the Department of Mathematics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece in 2001. He continued his studies at the School of Medicine of the same University until 2003, where he obtained the M.Sc. in Medical Informatics. In 2008, he earned a Ph.D. in Informatics with a thesis entitled Digital Processing Techniques in Speech Emotion Recognition, also at the Computer Science faculty of the same University. In 2009, he was with VTT Technical Research Center of Finland. In 2010–2011, he was with IAIS Fraunhofer Institute in Bonn, Germany. He has been a LaTex and PSTricks user since 2003. He has used LaTeX for writing his publications, PSTricks for drawing figures and plotting mathematics, and beamer for presenting publications. The Vocal Tract LaTeX package can be fully downloaded from CTAN at [1]. You can reach Dimitrios at [2] or jimver04 at gmail dot com.